Les Browning Music
Happy People, Busy Place
Happy People, Busy Place. Big Ol smiles on everyones face
Darling, Dear, Family near. Full of Joy and laughter about our place. Happy People, Busy Place Ah Yea
Glove Covered knuckles shiny belt buckles, kids and music about the place, ooh yea.
Young and Old Lovers relate and rediscover where it all begins. Loving Family and the best of friends. Happy People Busy Place
Hunger, Sorrow, Lack and Pain Swept up by the Wind and Washed away by the Rain. Hatred, Anger, Jealousy and Sin, Dissolved forever by the Love Within, Happy People, Busy Place
Ah warm me up with a little bit of that Guitar
Guitar Solo- Yeaaah, Hey, Hey, wup wup.
Repeat Ist verse
Happy People, Busy Place ah ah ah out
Lyrics Credits: Les Browning
Music Credits: Les Browning
Producer Credits: Les Browning
Publisher Credits: Les Browning
Performance Credits: Les Browning -Rhthym, Bass, Lead Guitars, Lead Vocals
Label Credits: Les Browning Music
Short Song Description:
Home Life and the encouragement of playing music, big family and friends
Long Song Description:
Growing up in a great S.F. Bay Area sububan neighborhood wih great examples and music role models of Love and music in our families, in our home. And the romance that surrounded this time and place
Story Behind the Song:
Les was stimulated musically by seeing Paul Rodgers and Robin Trower, Johnny Winters, Peter Frampton etc. at young age and also the experience of seeing shows at Winterland /Post and Stiener in San Francisco in the early sevenhties
Song Length: 3:50
Primary Genre: Rock-Hard Rock
Secondary Genre: Rock-Modern
Tempo: Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Town, Village
Subject Matter 2: Celebration
Mood 1: Content
Mood 2: In High Spirits
Similar Artist 1: Phil Collins
Similar Artist 2: Aerosmith
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later