Les Browning Music
Female Intro: "My Man and I went out last night and we were the talk of the town" The other night I see my man out and about ,if he ain't with me honey he's going down".
Male Response: " Yea scratch my head head out to my sled and warm it up. All this he said she said stuff gone to far. Yea baby I was at that party but I was all alone, and the road leads away so far".
Verse: Darkness foe or friend, in the night never ending, like a social disease, Incompatibility. Tell me will we make it there to the age where someone cares. Like a noose we fix the blame our whole world up in flames.
Chorus: Incompatibility Social disease,Incompatibility it's a tangled web we weave, yeaah. Bad JuJu, wu wu whoop the social voodoo,
Bad JuJu, wu wu whoop the social voodoo.
Verse: I'm so cold all alone, like I been cut to the bone. Politicians drunk with sin and our values in a spin..
Chorus: Incompatibility social disease, Incompatibility it's a tangled web we weave yeaah. Bad JuJu wu wu whoop the social voodoo, Bad JuJu wu wu whoop the social voodoo.
Bridge Chorus: Incompatibility. It's a tangled web we weave
Incompatibility Incompatibility, Guitar solo
I'm so cold all alone like I been cut to the bone, bad boys, fat cats,
nations full of rats.
Repeat Chorus, Repeat Bridge Chorus.
Incompatibility, It's a tangled, tangled web, we weave
Lyrics Credits: Les Browning
Music Credits: Les Browning
Producer Credits: Les Browning
Publisher Credits: Les Browning
Performance Credits: (Elise Baldridge: Female intro and backing Vocals). (Jim Baldrige:Rhythym Guitar) (Paul Laugharne: Drums) (Scooter Hoke: Bass) (Les Browning: Lead Vocals Lead Guitar )
Label Credits: Les Browning Music
Short Song Description:
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Long Song Description:
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Story Behind the Song:
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Song Length: 4:41
Primary Genre: Rock-Hard Rock
Secondary Genre: Rock-Classic
Tempo: Medium Fast (131 - 150)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Danger
Subject Matter 2: Frustration
Mood 1: Heated
Mood 2: Stressed
Similar Artist 1: Stevie Ray Vaughan
Similar Artist 2: Van Halen
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later